Rock Cutting

We at Tavara use a combination of an LD4 machine and a Diamond Wiresaw machine. It can cut both vertical and horizontal allignments.

We also provide rock cutting with non-blasting using a multipurpose Diamond Wiresaw cutting machine.

Excavation is usually applied through the use of a mechanical excavator with the attachment of hydraulic rock breaker of 20 tons capacity with 150mm dia chisel, the above method of work which is consider only has only medium rock.

We have all types of machineries and combination. Based on excavation field we will combine the machineries. We are handling some advance method and procedures in all the process.

Rock Cutting Work

Tippers (23 cubic meters)
Tata Hitachi EX-350 Excavator
Volvo EC 210B Excavator
Volvo EC 210B excavators with breaker attachment
Volvo 140B Excavator
D.G. Set 82.5kva &125kva(Silent Generators)
60HP wire saw machine
LD4 multipurpose drilling machine
Atlas Copco screw air compressor xah 230
I.R screw air compressor HP 450
ELGI screw air compressor HP 450 &dlo 4012 and
400/100 & each crawler driller 4 1/2 prd
Jack hammer and accessories
90 mm dia Wagon Driller
40 Tons Cranes