River Sand (RS) Vs M Sand

M Sand Vs River Sand

How River Sand are Formed

Over Many Centuries mankind used river sand for constructions. Rivers are Naturally origin in Mountains and Ends in Ocean or Sea. When the water runs down from the mountain it just grains the Mountain and takes some stones with it and as the days runs these stones are rolled in the flow of water and converted into sands. This sand is deposited in the Through the river. In some Depth areas of River, this sand is found more. But it takes Many years for Nature to make the sand.

We have used it for constructions over many years as the civilization of mankind grow many constructions have been started and more amount of the sand is taken from the river. This activity makes the river go deeper in some area where more amount of sands is taken it also causes an imbalance in the River.

So, in order to save this Many Government prohibited to take sands from the river. So many Construction companies now started using the M Sand.

How M Sand are Manufactured

The full form of M Sand is Manufactured Sand. M Sand is made by crushing the stones and making it for Construction. There are a lot of processes takes place in the Manufacture of M Sand.

But buying a Best quality M Sand is very important and you can check the quality of M Sand by simple test.

Please Avoid using Crushed rock fines (CRF) as it is not good for Construction. More over Crushed rock fines and M Sand look similar in colour but M Sand is Modified or Processed stage of Crushed rock fines (CRF). 

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