How to Make Best Concrete Mixture

Concrete Mixture

Well, Everyone knows how the concrete is made. It is done by mixing Cement, Water, Fine Aggregates (Sand), and Coarse Aggregates (Jelly). But we all must know what is the best mixing ratio to get the best quality concrete.

What is Ratio of mixing M Sand for Concrete? There is no difference of mixing M Sand and River Sand (RV). The ratio is same for M Sand as you mixing river sand but thing is you should use a Good M Sand.

But best Mixture ratio depends on conditions and situation where you are using the concrete mixture. If you are using mixture in a water flow area than your mixture should with stand more corrosion.

concrete mixture ratio

The Best Mixture for M30 is C: W: FA: CA = 1:05:1.89:3.04. C = Cement, W = Water, FA = Fine Aggregate, CA = Coarse Aggregate.

This is only a standard Mixture you should mix the concrete depending up on your situation and condition for the best result.

You can check the standard mixture result below link

  1. Concrete Mixture
  2. Block work
  3. Plastering work

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