Can M Sand Used for Plastering a Wall?

Can M Sand used for Plastering Wall

Many of our Constructions have this doubt whether M Sand can be used for Plastering a Wall.

I would like to start with a real time example which happened back in 2013. It was a terrible time where sands where not available and I was in a tender which I have to finish in a week. We used m sand for construction and it was totally good. With no choice left i used M Sand for Plastering and it was terrible the finish looked like texture finish. We tried in different combination by adding less water etc but the result was the same.

After that in 2015 I found a Real estate constructor using the M Sand for the wall plastering I said it will not work as it was a house to my surprise the sand was so soft and it gave an excellent finish now, I asked how. He said it’s a P Sand.

Now the Thing you should know is there are Three Variant available in M Sand.

  1. M Sand for Concrete
  2. P Sand
  3. M Sand for RCC & Brick and Block

Now as the Name Suggest P Sand (Plastering M Sand) can be used for Plastering and you get Good Result in cost wise P Sand is Little bit higher than M Sand for Concrete. But Don’t use Concrete M Sand for Plastering. While you buy a M Sand please Check it quality. If you want to know how to Check M Sand quality check our previous blog. Tavara Sands is one of the Best M Sand Manufacturers in Bangalore.  

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