GFRG New Construction – Low Cost

Glass fiber reinforced gypsum(GFRG) wall panel is made essentially of gypsum plaster reinforced
with glass fibers which when filled with reinforced concrete in an appropriate proportion becomes strong enough to act as a load-bearing and shear wall. The panels are hollow and can be used as load-bearing walls. The hollow cores inside the walls can be filled within-situplain or reinforced
concrete.Glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG) panel or Rapid wall is a modern building element
for mass-scale construction of houses in a very short span of time.
GFRG panels can even resist the lateral loads due to earthquakes and wind. Not only the walls, but the roofs, floors, sunshades and the boundary walls can be also made using GFRG panels. Looking at
its success and innumerable advantages, the technology spread like wildfire and is being adopted
heavily throughout the construction industry.
Applications of GFRG Panels

  1. As a light-weight bearing wall
  2. As high-capacity vertical and shear load-bearing wall
  3. As partition wall
  4. As roof slabs/horizontal floor
  5. As compound wall/Security wall
  6. As pitched roofing
  7. As cladding in industrial structures
    Limitations of GFRG Panels
  8. The panels are required to be handled with extreme care and specific machinery is
    needed for their movements.
  9. The panels cannot be used for wall with circular or higher curvature.
  10. The panels need to be neatly stacked in order to avoid abrasion.
  11. The clear span is limited to 5m for residential buildings.
     What are the other benefits of GFRG panels?
    GFRG panels are environment-friendly, make construction faster, materials like sand and cement are required in less quantity. Gives more carpet area, long-lasting, fireproof soundproof, it reduces the overall cost by at least 20% and keeps room temperature cooler than that of conventional buildings.
     How much does a single GFRG panel cost?
    Single GFRG panel cost around rupees thousand with GST it will cost around rs1120 per
    square meter.

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