Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete is concrete that is manufactured in a batch plant, according to a set engineered mix design and then delivered to a work site, by truck mounted with mixers.

Ready mix concrete (RMC) refers to concrete that is specifically manufactured for delivery to the customer’s construction site in a freshly mixed and kept in unhardened state. Concrete itself is a mixture of Portland cement, water and aggregates comprising sand and gravel or crushed stone. In traditional work sites, each of these materials is procured separately and mixed in specified proportions at site to make concrete. Ready mix concrete is bought and sold by volume – usually expressed in cubic meters. Ready mix concrete is manufactured under controlled operations and transported and placed at site using sophisticated equipment and methods

Process of Ready mix concrete

Ready mix concrete has cement, aggregates, sand, water and other chemicals, which are weigh- batched at a centrally located plant for a premium quality. The concrete is then delivered to the construction site in transit mixers and can be used straight away without any further treatment. The automatic plant monitors weigh-batching, water-cement ratio, dosage of admixture, moisture content, with precision to produce quality concrete.

All ingredients used for the preparation of ready-mix concrete are thoroughly tested for their quality and physical properties in a well-equipped laboratory attached to the plant for conformity to relevant international standard codes. The moisture probe determines the water content in the sand and aggregates. This accordingly helps in fixing the proportion of water to be added for the preparation of the mix. Trial mixes are carried out and tested to ensure that each and every batch of concrete coming out of the plant meets various mix designs as per the client’s requirement with different grades of concrete.

Advantages of ready mix concrete

Following are the advantages of ready mix concrete:

  • Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) allows speedy construction through programmed delivery at site, mechanized operation with consequent economy
  • RMC reduces the labour cost and site supervising cost.
  • RMC comes with consistency in quality through accurate & computerized control of sand aggregates and water as per mix designs.
  • Production of RMC helps in minimizing cement wastage due to bulk handling.
  • Production of RMC is relatively pollution free.
  • Reduced project time resulting in savings in all aspects.
  • Proper control and economy in use of raw material resulting in saving of natural resources.

Following are the cautions to be taken for using ready mix concrete:

  • The materials are batched at a central plant, and the mixing begins at that very plant. So the travelling time from the plant to the site is critical over longer distances. Some sites are just too far away, which can risk that ready mix concrete may become unusable due to setting. For this reason, we took necessary precautions to make sure we keep the customer informed of the delivery and availability of manpower at the site for initial curing.
  • Generally, Ready Mix Trucks are large in size and may cover a lot of area in the road blocking other traffic. Furthermore, access roads and site access have to be able to carry the greater weight of the ready-mix truck plus load. This problem can be overcome by making sure our QA/QC and respective sales representatives take into consideration the distance of travel to the site and workability of the concrete mix accordingly.

We supply all ratios and grades as per customer design mix requirements.